hi mama, I'm andrea

I'm so glad you're here with me. I am ready to connect with you, so I can help you embark on your journey of holistic empowerment.

Ready to feel empowered?

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I created Mamas Blooming to really encompass the holistic lifestyle of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenthood through my mama coaching services and my handmade organic products. (Yes, I make all products by hand in small batches!)

I believe you need to know all of the information that relates to natural, healthy choices during pregnancy, safe birthing practices, breastfeeding, postpartum preparation, safer cleaning options for your home, and natural organic products for your family.

I am a pioneer and always have been. Never having been a follower, when I saw the need for Mamas to be informed and guided through their pregnancy, birthing and post-partum experiences I accepted the challenge to share all the holistic wisdom, knowledge along with my

own personal and professional experience to step up and help YOU through YOUR experience.

I am here for you, whether you will be a new mama, a mama for the second or third time, we are always growing, learning and evolving.

Mamas Blooming is a place where you will be educated and supported while feeling nurtured, content, validated through connection, support, and empowerment.

You can find everything you need all in one place to focus on becoming a healthier you and healthier family.

Aside from being an informed Mama myself, I am a licensed professional counselor having served as a holistic psychotherapist for women, children and families over the past 5 years. I am a trained birth & postpartum doula, and now I bring all of that experience together as a Mama Coach for women all over the United States!

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