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Where do I start?? The Elderberry Gummies have been a blessing to my family. When using them, we have recovered from illnesses quickly and have even prevented some illnesses, in my opinion. 


I started to develop bumps and severe itching under my arms. I stopped using my "brand" name deodorant and started using Mama's Blooming deodorant. I haven't had bumps or itching since!!

jacy mcbroom

mom & behavior analyst 

Mamas Blooming is a great resource for new moms trying to navigate pregnancy and mommyhood with evidence-based information. Even seasoned, well-informed moms will appreciate the strong community and professional support from Andrea. Mamas Blooming is the new village!

elizabeth hood

owner of naturallycurated.com

Andrea, your products are game changing. I actually find myself continuously and consistently washing my face, taking my makeup off, applying lotion, caring for my skin the way I should have been all along. My daily routine of using these products is no more than 5 minutes, twice a day.


I have tried many products at varying prices, from a single product to an entire lineup. I found myself using those products a handful of times, only to find out that it breaks my skin out, leaves my skin feeling dry, or I just didn't see the results they claimed they would provide.

Your products are easy to use. I love that they are organic and are affordable!!! From the Cold Sore Roller to the Tension Roller, the Rose Hydrosol Toner to the Eye Makeup Remover and The Day/Night Serum, I will never let myself run out of these!!

kailee ware

I took my 2 year old to Florida... in the middle of July! 🌞 the sunscreen saved us from nasty burns multiple times, even with going in and out of the ocean and pools. We even made it through Disney and she never got burnt.

jeannette bass

self employed seamstress

I have tried countless products while on my 20+ holistic journey and I can honestly say the skin-care products created by Andrea are the BEST. Wholesome, truly all natural, nurturing and top-notch. I have suffered with dry skin and eczema all my life and her products have brought solace to my skin no other products have. All my children and family members are using her lip balm, sun screen, after sun care and soothing lotion also. I can't wait to order these products for holiday gifts for everyone I know!

lynn wonders

holistic mentor for women in

midlife & beyond

We have struggled with eczema and tried everything the doctors had given us and everything we could find over the counter. Then we found Andrea Crafton, with Mamas Blooming, a life saver.

My daughter's arms were so red and blotchy I hated her wearing short sleeves because of comments or people touching her skin. Then we came across The So smooth lotion!! WHAT A GAME CHANGER!!!! Within a few times of using it on her arms EVERYTHING Was normal! No more red spots, rough dry skin, no more itching...nothing! It was gone!

We faithfully use it every night after bath time and even a few times in between! 


My son has always had eczema too, we have tried the OTC stuff, doctors script stuff, you name it. We even had an episode in Jan of 2016 where we got a script for steroid cream to try to help with the eczema.. just to find myself driving to the doctor because he was going into shock from the cream.. 1 quarter size spot on the back of his leg and he broke out in blistering hives with bloodshot eyes, screaming for his life, all while struggling to breathe! Get to the ER and find out there is nothing we can do since he's allergic to steroids...which is what they would give him to react against the reaction.

FINALLY we came across The So smooth and Soothing Skin Balm from Andrea and let me tell you.. in almost 1 1/2 years we are 100% eczema/dry skin FREE and have not had another episode or trip to the ER!!!

cassie treppish

owner of avas attic

In a word, I’d describe Andrea as EMPOWERING.

She has empowered me to maintain a natural pregnancy and make informed decisions regarding my birth options. She is always quick to answer my natural mommy questions, both through private message and her online community, and I learn so much from simply reading the research-backed material she shares.

With my first baby, I struggled with things like breastfeeding, knowing my hospital rights, and navigating between conventional medicine and natural alternatives for my family. This time, instead of feeling confused and helpless, I feel peace and empowerment due to all I’ve learned from Andrea.

Besides being an incredible wealth of knowledge regarding natural birth and mothering topics, Andrea also happens to prepare some of the most effective, luxurious, completely natural products I’ve tried.


Andrea is a great blessing to me and so many other mamas.

bethany noles

mom & minimalist

mama support