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I'm Andrea


If you’re on this page then I’m guessing that you are a busy mama who understands the importance of creating and living a natural and holistic lifestyle for you and your family.

But if you’re anything like I was:

  • You’ve probably tried to find a more naturopathic doctor that's a good fit for your family, but they just keep missing the mark.​

  • You've turned to friends and family hoping they could shed some light on living a holistic lifestyle, but they look at you like you're a hippie.

  • Maybe you've spent countless hours doing all the research yourself, only to end up even more confused and uncertain.



The traditional and mainstream way of doing things is risky and its not the best way for you or your family's health in the long run.  Nothing is empowering when you're trying to make true informed choices and you just have to "do what you're told to do" blindly.

Yet so many women and moms I talk to suffer because they feel confused and conflicted and have a hard time trusting their gut, despite being the amazing mothers that they are.

When I became a mom 6 years ago, I struggled with breastfeeding because my little one was born with a tongue tie and I went back to work seeing clients 2 weeks postpartum so instead of understanding ties and having the tie corrected I struggled to breastfeed successfully and had little support plus trying to pump and keep up my supply.  After all, this was the information I had been taught by people on TV, doctors, and friends that breastfeeding should be easy and it wasn't a big deal going back to work so soon. 

I remember feeling alone, confused, worried, overwhelmed and not really knowing where to turn.  I did countless hours of research and even asked myself “am I doing the right thing?  Once I started researching I discovered so many other natural and holistic techniques that have helped my family.

It wasn't until my now 6 year old, experienced a tonic seizure two days after his Hepatitis B vaccine at age 2, that I just couldn't take it any longer. My baby was sick and no one could give me solutions or answers. It was time I had to start doing my own research and finding the answers I needed.

When I started helping other mothers, I discovered that these techniques, trainings and tools worked brilliantly for them and their families as well.  My clients started experiencing confidence in their choices, being able to successfully breastfeed, and have the natural birth they always wanted.


More importantly, they were not just hearing what the mainstream was telling them, but instead questioning their choices and realizing there are better and healthier ways of raising their family and with my help they were now able to connect the dots and feel empowered for their choices.

What if I told you that you do not have to do this natural holistic journey on your own?  Imagine having answers at your fingertips to your questions instead of researching on your own, connecting with other women who “get”  your struggles and feelings, and just the feeling of confidence in your decisions. Feels and sounds amazing right?

Testimonial From A Mamas Blooming Society Member

"The Mama’s Blooming Society came along at a time I felt like I truly needed it. I struggle feeling like I parent differently than everyone around me and I needed a place to go where I could feel a connection to other mothers. Being able to actively participate in the group call.... about bedtime routines sold me on this process! I feel welcome, heard, and confident! I never feel judged and I feel safe here. The growing database is a wealth of knowledge and easy to use. I’m also glad you were able to show us how to turn on those notifications. I love that if we miss a live event that it will be uploaded for replay later on, that feature is so convenient! Thank you for providing this service!"  -Lindsey

That’s what I want to provide for you inside the Mamas Blooming Society.


The techniques, trainings and tools in the Mamas Blooming Society have helped women just like you get pregnant naturally without medications/drugs  after months (sometimes years) of trying, helped mamas have the natural birth they needed to heal from a previous traumatic birth experience, and helping mamas understand the reason for their children’s behaviors so they can show up with more patience, calm and compassion with their children.

Mamas Blooming Society Focuses On These Motherhood Steps 

Natural Fertility




 Key tricks, tools, research, and lifestyle changes to increase your fertility naturally to get you pregnant the natural way.

Information and advice to get you through your pregnancy from the beginning until the end.

From nutrition tips, choosing the right provider, envisioning your birth, birth planning, and preparing you for the birth of your baby.

Ways to care for your body and baby postpartum, what to expect, preparing for the postpartum period, breastfeeding, support, and parenting advice.

The membership option has a little something for every woman no matter where you are on your own motherhood journey.  Each step is specifically divided for you to easily search topics when you need to. Every month these various key areas of motherhood will be covered.

“Mamas Blooming is a great resource for new moms trying to navigate pregnancy and mommyhood with evidence-based information. Even seasoned, well-informed moms will appreciate the strong community and professional support from Andrea. Mamas Blooming is the new village!”  -  Elizabeth

Practical, Proven, Holistic Strategies that Work

Mamas Blooming Society is the place to get you the support, strategies and solutions you need to create and maintain a natural holistic lifestyle for you and your family.

Here’s what you’ll get as part of your exclusive Mama’s Blooming Membership:

    Monthly live webinars targeting the most common asked questions and topics you are needing holistic guidance and advice on so you walk away with hands on and easy to use approaches that you can use immediately and the clarity and confidence to  make more informed choices.

    Access to Mama’s blooming exclusive library full of videos,  recipes, holistic articles, guides, research, and more…...each topic can easily be searched in the Mamas Blooming database so you are not spending your valuable time researching.

    Each month you’ll get an exclusive invitation to join me as I interview guest experts on topics related to the different stages of motherhood with key holistic evidence based information to help you make the best  choices for your family.

    Mama of the month spotlight. Every month members will have an opportunity to get live  holistic group coaching on topics that are currently coming up for you and/or your family inside a safe judgement free space.  

    A closed, private  Facebook group exclusively for members only so you can get all of your questions answered directly by me as they come up and intimately connect,  support and be supported by other moms on their journey through motherhood.

    Special sales and discounts on handcrafted natural organic Mamas Blooming products instead of paying full price.

Holistic Empowerment

For Mamas

&Mamas To Be

You can join Mamas Blooming society for just $1 for the first month, then $29 each month after and get all of the techniques, tools and support you need to confidently make the right choices for your family or you can continue to spend countless hours doing your own research and sifting through all of the conflicting opinions.

I know Its during these times that you start to question your choices and it may start to feel lonely. Despite the dozens of mama groups out there,  you really haven’t found that one you truly love and feel connected to. Friends and family just don’t “get you” as a natural holistic minded mama you’re striving to be and many of the other groups you have found are just too mainstream and not truly focused on the natural lifestyle.  

Who is the Mamas Blooming Society For?

    Women and mamas who:

  • Want quick natural holistic solutions to their problems and questions & you have tried things the "other way" and it just hasn't worked out.

  • Need to listen to their gut instincts and and knowing deep within their bones there is a better holistic way of doing things.

  • Trying to start a family, you're struggling to get pregnant and you're ready to try a more holistic approach.

  • Have had a traumatic birth experience, but you're not ready to give up on your dreams of being more informed & control of your choices and going the natural drug free route next time.

  • Those mamas who have already started your family and need spot on postpartum & parenting advice.

  • Are needing a safe, judgement free place to get the answers and support you need from other natural holistic minded women….plus the intimate and connection within a true community.

  • Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for expert advice and support or time when all you will be paying is $29 a month after the $1 trial.

    So if this sounds like you and you want the best training's, techniques and support to help you create and live a more healthy, holistic and natural lifestyle, then Mamas Blooming Society is the place for you.

    Read on to find out how you can get access to the Mamas Blooming Society for just $1

Try Mamas Blooming Society for 30 days for just $1

As you’ve just read, Mamas Blooming Society is a collection of my very best trainings, techniques, tools and resources to help you become the natural holistic minded mama you want to be with peace of mind.



If you wanted ​to get the experience, knowledge, step-by-step guides, tools and feedback on creating  more holistic choices - then one way you could do it would be to go to my website and book up for as many 90 minute calls with me at $125 per call as it would take (and it would probably take quite a few).

Or you could sign up for the Mamas Blooming Society at just $29 per month.


And just to make sure you’re not taking any risk at all, you can take it for a test drive and get the first 30 days for just $1.

You can look over all the videos, all the training, all the detailed guides and techniques. You can ask questions in the private FB group. You can even come to the next live webinar, guest expert interview or group coaching call.

After your first 30 days, if you find Mamas Blooming Society valuable, you can continue as a member for $29 per month. Or you can cancel at any time from your account page or by dropping me an email and there'll be no further payment.​

Sound good? I'd love to have you on board and to help you start creating and living a more natural and holistic lifestyle

Just click the button below and let's get started!

What are women saying about Mamas Blooming?

“In a word, I’d describe Andrea as EMPOWERING. She has empowered me to maintain a natural pregnancy and make informed decisions regarding my birth options. She is always quick to answer my natural mommy questions, both through private message and her online community, and I learn so much from simply reading the research-backed material she shares. With my first baby, I struggled with things like breastfeeding, knowing my hospital rights, and navigating between conventional medicine and natural alternatives for my family. This time, instead of feeling confused and helpless, I feel peace and empowerment due to all I’ve learned from Andrea. Besides being an incredible wealth of knowledge regarding natural birth and mothering topics, Andrea also happens to prepare some of the most effective, luxurious, completely natural products I’ve tried.  Andrea is a great blessing to me and so many other mamas.”


If you join in the month of December your cost is $1
For only $1 you are part of a private group, access to evidence holistic research database, webinars, professional & expert advice from guests speakers, and discounts on organic products.

The membership option is a different solution than what you have already been trying.  You can now spend more time being a mama, doing what you love, and enjoying life rather than doing all the research on your own or spending hundreds of dollars for expert advice and recommendations.


How do I access the Mamas Blooming Membership database? Once you join the Mamas Blooming Society, you will receive an email with your unique individual information which you can use to access the database right away.

Is the information shared in the private group the same as the public Mamas Blooming Group?  No…….private group members will only have access to specific articles, research, hands on tools, webinars, sessions, etc.


Can I stop my membership at any time?  Yes if you decide to leave the private group you can at any time.


Do I get access to all of the resources right away? Yes you get access to resources and my expertise right away and I will be adding new content to the database weekly.


Am I locked in to a long term contract or commitment after the $1 trial is up?  There are no long term contracts or commitment.


What If I wanted to be coached in the monthly group coaching?
You will be getting more detailed instructions in your email when you join the membership how you can apply for the mama spot light.

Hi I'm Andrea Crafton, a mama, who has experienced my own personal physical and emotional struggles with fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Professionally I am a therapist and holistic mama coach who understands not only more natural holistic approaches, but also emotionally supporting and empowering mamas on their own motherhood journey's.   I want to help you along your own journey so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, but instead confident and have peace of mind.

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