Why you should stop buying store-brand soaps.

As mamas we want to trust if a product is on the shelf then it must be safe to use on our bodies, however, that is far from the truth. Unfortunately, the FDA cannot be trusted in determining what is safe for our bodies.

Handmade soaps made by Mamas Blooming only use butters, oils, herbs, essential oils, and sometimes even food to make all soaps to benefit the skin with no chemicals!

Let’s start with the ingredient Triclosan which is known as an antibacterial ingredient in many hand soaps. Triclosan has been linked to alter hormones and cause resistance to antibiotics. A child whose environment is constantly cleansed with antibacterial soaps and disinfectant cleaners, is given antibiotics (which also kill off the good bacteria in the gut), and are kept away from natural occurring bacteria in the environment such as dirt, germs, etc. cannot build up their natural immunity.

Triclosan can be found in these products listed HERE.

Mamas beware of marketing ploys...

and wording for soaps and body washes to make you believe products are safe for your family. Words such as natural, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, sensitive, nourishing, gentle, and softening are nothing more than lies for you to buy their products. In fact, the majority of these products are full of unhealthy ingredients, including fragrances, which cause the skin to become irritated, dry, and sensitive.

Here are some of the key ingredients in Dove Sensitive Bar Soap:

-Cocamindopropyl Betaine: Associated with allergic reactions and contact dermatitis.

-Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate: It is actually processed and combined with a known carcinogenic to make this ingredient

-Dipropylene Glycol: Used in fog machines

-Tetrasodium EDTA: Preservative made from Formaldehyde

-Maltol: Has been found to show activity toward cancer cells

-Titanium Dioxide: Known carcinogen

Are you wondering how your products rate for safety?

Skin Deep is a data base you can type in products to see how they rate. Just click HERE.

Mamas Blooming soaps contain moisturizing ingredients (butters & oils) which gently cleanse without stripping your skins natural oils. Essential oils are used in some soaps for fragrance instead of artificial scents. Oils are infused with organic herbs to benefit your skin. All soaps are handmade in small batches just for you!

You can find the soaps Mamas Blooming offers by clicking HERE.

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