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One of my absolute favorite ways to help Mamas is with Natural Family Planning (NFP) or Fertility Awareness Method. I became sort of obsessed with NFP when I was trying to conceive our first baby. NFP can be used to prevent pregnancy or increase your chances of pregnancy. When we were trying to conceive our second baby it was not as easy and I was diagnosed with Secondary Unexplained Infertility. Luckily I had 12 cycles of charting for my midwife and doctors to review. NFP can also be beneficial to rule out possible issues causing infertility or pinpoint what might be a factor in making it difficult to become pregnant.

"Probably the best thing to come out of my years using the Fertility Awareness Method was the privilege I felt in being so knowledgeable about a fundamental part of being a woman."

Toni Weschler-Taking Charge of Your Fertility

As a woman, there is something so empowering being able to understand exactly what your body is doing each month. Being in control of your fertility is rewarding without using hormonal birth control options and IUD's which are risky to your health.

Risks of using hormonal birth control & IUD's:

Cervical and breast cancer

Heart attack, stroke, blood clots

Infertility issues

Yeast overgrowth

Weight gain

Anxiety and mood changes



Infection (cervix, vagina, and tubes)


Scar tissue

When a woman has a natural cycle their estrogen and progesterone levels rise and fall depending on where they are in their cycle. Hormonal birth control keeps your estrogen levels high and actually fools the body into thinking you are pregnant which is not safe or healthy. This stops ovulation from occurring, which prevents pregnancy.

Wondering how to increase your chances of getting pregnant without all the stress and not knowing what to do ? Many of the women I have worked with are prescribed medication or even diagnosed with infertility without really understanding their bodies or the root issue to actually find a solution.

There is a healthier way to take control of your fertility and I am going to show you how!

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy......I can give you the hands on tools, advice, and support you need.

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