Mama's We Aren't Prepared For Pregnancy, Birth or Postpartum

When I was pregnant with my first baby I thought I was prepared for pregnancy, my "natural" birth experience, and postpartum. I mean after all:

I went to the hospital child birth and breastfeeding classes, I had watched "The Business of Being Born", the cloth diapers were bought, we were going to co-sleep, breastfeeding was a must as formula was not an option, an epidural was a definite "no", I talked to my doctor about the need for a natural birth, read books, and I thought 2 weeks was enough time to allow my body to heal and connect with my baby before going back to seeing clients in my therapy office.

I was so so wrong.....I was far from prepared, but I had no idea.

These are some of the things mamas are experiencing above, but we aren't told the evidence based information, possible risks, or given true informed consent.

No one warned me:

About the dangers of vaccines during pregnancy (thank goodness I declined)

Cervical Checks are pointless

Membrane sweeps are risky

I could go home instead of being induced with pitocin when I wasn't contracting hard enough for the nurses

Consenting to artificially rupturing my membranes would leave me in bed and not "allowed" to get up

Giving birth in the hospital meant no food I would have to labor in a hospital bed for 10 hours until I told the nurses I needed to go poop then I was let out of bed An internal monitor was placed on my baby's head When it was finally time to push I did so on my back and I remember asking if I was doing it right

I hemorrhaged after my baby was born

No delayed cord clamping

No immediate skin to skin

Baby was given a bath and vaccines

Baby had trouble latching and I was given a nipple shield

Baby was never assessed for tie issues

My nipples were cracked and bleeding

I didn't see a lactation consultant until formula was mentioned

Pediatrician said I had a supply issue and pushed formula

My baby indeed did have a tongue and lip tie

I started seeing clients again 2 weeks postpartum even though I was still experiencing postpartum bleeding, stitches from a second degree tear and trying to establish breastfeeding with my new baby

I was determined for my second pregnancy to be more prepared, in control, informed with evidence based information, and do things totally different. I did...........

My second pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience were healing for me. It really helped me realize as Mamas we are not prepared. No one truly gives us the connection, support, and evidence based information we so desire and need. Birth is not a medical condition, but yet its treated like one. Mamas are not nurtured during birth or postpartum. Instead, we are herded in and out of hospitals like cattle and the quickest easiest way to have a baby is recommended. Safety and our innate biological responses means nothing to the majority of hospitals and doctors.

Mamas we are capable....our minds, souls and bodies can work together in perfect harmony.

I am here to help you have the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience you so desire. I'm following my passion supporting mamas all over as a Holistic Mama Coach so you do feel supported, connected, validated, prepared and gain the insight you need to make informed choices. Mama I am here to help you.....

I offer several mama services to guide and support you so you can achieve the birth you envision. One of the services I offer is the "Empowered Birth Mastermind." You may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and worried about your upcoming labor & birth, but I am here for YOU!

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Needing more private individual support or someone to talk to then

schedule your free discovery call with me to see how I can support you during your pregnancy, help you prepare for birth, and the postpartum period.

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Mama if you are ready for a more natural holistic side of being a Mama I'm here waiting to help you. You do not have to do this alone, spending tons of time on google or random Facebook groups when I am here for you!

You got this Mama!

Mamas Blooming (aka)

Andrea Crafton Holistic Mama Coach, Therapist & Doula

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