Bedtime Routine & Sleep

The focus of our group coaching call for December in the Mamas Blooming Society was bedtime routines and sleep.

Believe me I know all about having a baby who wakes every 1.5 - 3 hours at night and doesn't sleep or one who may be more difficult to get to sleep. Sound familiar?

GOOD NEWS! There will be a day your child does in fact sleep and doesn't need you at night even if they wake. They will eventually have the capability to put themselves back to sleep, but for now keep in mind the needs of a child does not stop based on it getting dark outside. I understand it can definitely be exhausting, but your baby or toddler does in fact need you.

I wanted to share with you these key points to keep in mind:

1. Even as adults we do not sleep the entire night without waking. Yes you wake up and go use the bathroom, maybe get a drink, check your phone, or just open your eyes and roll over. You know how to meet your own needs.

2. I stopped asking mamas how much their baby is sleeping at night a long time ago. All babies are "good" even if they wake multiple times a night. Yes, I'm sick of the whole asking new mamas how their newborn is sleeping and basing if a baby is indeed good or spoiled on the amount of time they sleep at night. 🤦 (face palm)

3. Needs do not change because it gets dark outside. I know nights where we have to wake up several times can most definitely be difficult and you may be sleep deprived. I totally get it. Again, putting the needs of your little into perspective can be helpful.

4. Do not rush a bedtime routine with your baby. Babies are great at getting in a routine and schedule on their own. Plus with a newborn you are learning how to juggle 100 different things a bed time routine can wait mama. Feed your baby on demand and meet their needs. The first couple of weeks or so breastfeeding and healing can be and probably will be the most difficult in terms of postpartum. Do not worry about a bedtime routine or getting your baby on a schedule. I promise follow their lead mama.

You got this mama! đź‘Ź Need more support & advice? Don't forget to join the Mamas Blooming Facebook Group. You can also email me at:

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