Bedtime Routines

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Getting your little one to bed can seem like the hardest job in the world, especially when you have had a long hard day and just want some peace and quiet. We have all been there! Watch this group coaching session to learn all about ways to successfully use a bed time routine for your little one to get them to sleep easier without all the time and energy. After you have watched the video these recommendations I make below will make more sense. Sleep Meditation App For Kids: Sleep Meditation For Kids by: Christiane Kerr

Mindful & Yoga Cards: (Barefoot Books) these are great to have one to do at bedtime that is calming for the body and mind

Mindful Kids 50 Mindfulness Activities for kindness, focus, and calm

Yoga Pretzels

Amazon has several night lights and bulbs which promote sleep. You want to search for low blue light options.

Make your own massage oil: (you can also diffuse essential oils, but make sure you have a diffusser that shuts off....Plant Therapy has great options)

1. Melt approximately 2 tbsp of organic unrefined coconut oil

2. Next, mix in 5 drops of organic lavender essential oil (Plant Therapy also has some nice blends for sleep) 3. You can make a larger batch and store in a glass jar. The coconut oil will become more firm after it cools off and sits.

Bed Time Routines & Sleep Group Coaching Session

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