Lets Talk Cervical Mucus

As women we are often told getting pregnant is easy and all we have to do is have sex. Unfortunately, that information just isn't true and I wish it was really that easy. Now that is not to say some couples get pregnant super easy without actually "trying." There is only about a 5-7 day window which pregnancy can occur.

Tracking your cycle and understanding your body is one way of increasing your chances of pregnancy. One way to do that is by paying close attention to your cervical mucus during your monthly cycle. Here is a super helpful graphic you can use to understand how to label each type of cervical mucus and what each type looks like.

Cervical Mucus Guide

Even though you may have fertile egg white cervical mucus does not mean you are ovulating. Tracking your cervical mucus along with using ovulation predictor kits (sticks), temping, and paying close attention to your cervix position are also important. You can have all the signs that you ovulated, but not actually ovulate at all in a cycle or later. Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

You are looking for cervical mucus that closely resembles egg white consistency.

This is what to look for and how to check your cervical mucus: -Mucus or wetness in underwear -Egg white consistency cervical mucus -Mucus stretches between finger tips

Make sure and check your cervical mucus with clean hands. You can leverage one leg, squat, or check after a bowel movement.

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