Picky Eater?

I know for many parents there is a huge concern around what your children are eating. Everything from what they are eating at school, foods in our own home, and a big one is what other family members are giving them to eat (especially grandparents.) Believe it or not there are some key ways to get your kiddos to choose healthier foods and to put boundaries up with other family members. We have put our own boundaries up with grandparents and as a family are throwing around the idea of packing our kiddos snacks to

take to school. Unfortunately, many times the snacks/lunches the school provides are far from nutritional or "real food." Snacks may also be brought in by other parents and most are filled with sugars, dyes, processed ingredients, high fructose corn syrup etc.... These foods cause our children's minds and bodies to react negatively as well as cause havoc on their guts.

During this live webinar Angelica McCabe-Nagy, Holistic Nutritionist shared some key advice and steps to get your kiddos and family on the right track. Need more picky eating advice? You can reach Angelica at this email: angelicamccabenagy@icloud.com

Picky Eater? Guest Speaker Webinar

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