Super Quick Birth Intervention Statistic Video

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

I made this quick video awhile ago and wanted to share with all of you. These statistics are a quick over view of the most common interventions used during a hospital birth and none of these necessarily prove a better outcome for mama and baby.

The trickle down effect of these interventions lead to 27% of first time mamas having a cesarean. We have to stay informed and put more trust in our bodies.

Please feel free to share the interventions used during your own births. Any statistic alarming to you?

Here are mine: First Birth: Multiple cervical checks Stripping of my membranes (trying to start labor once I hit 38 weeks) Manually broke my bag of water (My contractions weren't fast enough and was told I could get out of the bed, but was lied to. Everyone told me I had to labor in bed) Would not let me out of the bed to labor

Was told I could not eat or drink anything other than ice chips Pitocin was started (I wasn't contracting hard enough) Continuous monitoring Iv Pushed laying on my back and coached pushing Hemorrhaged after the birth Baby Jaundice Luckily my birth did not end in a c section. I was able to push and Crew was born within 15 minutes and total labor was around 10 hours. I was never informed of any risks and none of these are evidence based birth practices. I had a second degree tear and healing was much harder than my second birth. Second birth: Birthed at home until I hit transition Did a lot of squatting during contractions No cervical checks (other than when I entered hospital triage at 7 cm) No IV Waters broke on their own while on my knees Intermittent monitoring with doppler If I wanted to eat and drink I could I told midwife when I needed to push and she told me to just listen to my body Pushed in the water birth tub squatting forward facing Contractions every 5 minutes instead of right on top of each other Baby was out in 3 contractions Healing was much easier, birth was much calmer Baby had no jaundice Hard labor was around 4 hours total

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