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By: Mamas Blooming 

The Mamas Blooming Lush Lash Serum is blended to help strengthen, thicken, and make your lashes "lush." Each serum is packaged in a convenient 10 mL mascara container for easy application. You can feel confident this is a natural organic lash serum unlike the popular brands on the market.

Castor Oil- Strengthens & thickens lashesCastor Oil infused with these herbs
Horsetail- Promotes healthy hair growth and antioxidants to strengthen hair follicles
Lavender Buds - Again helps promote growth
Green Tea- Provides more nutrients to your lashes and follicles
Rosemary Leaf- Can help to cleanse the hair shaft to promote growth
Hemp Seed Oil- Contains fatty acids to strengthen & moisturize lashes
Coconut Oil- can encourage lash growth
Vitamin E- Prevents lashes from shedding

Directions: You can use the serum on your lashes and your eyebrows after removing your make up. A great time to apply the serum is right before bed.

Lush Lash Serum

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