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By:  Mamas Blooming 

Mamas Blooming Mama Moon Flow Essential Oil Roller is beneficial to every woman who experiences mama moon flow cramps. Use this special blend on the abdominal area of the body as needed during your monthly cycle.
Essential oils used in the blend:
Clary Sage- Improves circulation and can relive mama moon flow cramps

Organic Marjoram- Known to be warm and calming perfect to relieve tired sore areas on the body.

Ginger- Provides relief to areas that need mending and can help if feeling queasy.

Geranium- Can be used to enhance your mood

Cinnamon Leaf- Provides warmth and mends mama moon flow cramps

DIRECTIONS: Roll onto abdominal area as needed to relieve moon flow cramps.INGREDIENTS: Organic fractionated coconut oil, clary sage essential oil, organic marjoram essential oil, ginger essential oil, geranium essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil.

Mama Moon Flow Essential Oil Roller

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