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Easter Egg Dye Set

Easter egg dyes made from herbs and plant colors. Box makes egg drying tray! Naturally sourced, artificial dye-free, plant colors, vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo. Colorkitchen's vibrant dyes color eggs within seconds, making a rainbow of color combinations! The kit has enough color for 1-2 dozen eggs, plus 1 mixing brush. Egg decorating booklet included.

Easter Egg Paint Set

Easter egg colors for painting on eggs. NATURALLY SOURCED * ARTIFICIAL DYE-FREE * PLANT COLORS * VEGAN * GLUTEN-FREE * NON-GMO Our Easter Paint set has enough color to paint dozens of eggs. EACH CONTAINS: 3 color packets - orange, pink, and green paint brush

Plant Based Easter Egg Paint Set Or Dye Set

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